About us

The first time we shot together was actually a little different. Sophie needed some new pictures and asked me to help her out. Although she liked my way of taking pictures, she had some interesting ideas when it came to post-processing. She asked me if I was ok with her editing the pictures herself and what turned out was exactly what I hoped for. We quickly realized, that our ways of working fit incredibly well and so lowangle started. I liked her style of editing pictures much more than I liked my own. She seemed to know a way to perfect some ones look, without replacing the person's emotions or faking their bodys.

Picture from Sophie


My name is Sophie and I’m responsible for everything that happens after the shoot, particularly image editing.

I was born in 2000, since 2017, I study audiovisual media at Stuttgart Media University. A few years ago I got my first camera for christmas. The following months, or rather years, you may call an “artistic self-discovery”. Throughout the whole time I particularly liked the part of editing. I was able to make something very good out of not-so-great pictures and therefore turn out fine in the end. I liked twisting the reality around in a way I found it prettier. It’s impressing what can be done in post these days.

I always try to figure out which subtle details may enhance the visual impression. We don’t perceive our daily life as still images. Extreme perspectives, little flaws or unflattering poses are blinded out subconsciously. We don’t have no perfect moments in real life. In photographs, the viewer gets to see reality without our wonderful ability to cancel things out - very harsh. A photo always works against the eye of the beholder. My mission is to find those details and make them pretty again, so that we can experience reality like we are used to experience it.

In a well processed photo you can’t even point out, why it is pretty.

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Picture from Niels


My Name is Niels and I am responsible for the images themselves.

I was born in 1997 in southern Germany and I simply stayed there. Photography started for me in my childhood and improved much when I was educated to being a technical assistant for photography and media, which I finished in 2016. When I started to study audiovisual media at Stuttgart Media University, I quickly set my focus all on photography and started practising and improving my skills. The technical understanding of the topic obviously helped me getting started with professional photography. Now my passion is developing styles in photography that make the pictures turn out just like I want them to.

I like to collectively develop the look of my pictures with Sophie and the model. That way we create a much more natural look than if it's just a creative process of the one taking the pictures alone.

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